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Pain of Salvation party [Milan, 9/6/2003]

Live at Opificio [Umbertide (PG) 2002]

Live at Brunch [S. Benedetto
del Tronto (AP) 2002]

Live at Feedback, Foligno (PG) 2002

On stage with DOMINE [Umbertide, 30/08/2001]

Studio sessions for the Promo 2001 recordings [May/June 2001]

Exawatt with Fabio Lione, 26/08/2000 [playing Rhapsody's Land of Immortals]

Live at Red Horse, Perugia [February 2000]

Old Exawatt pictures & flyers

EXAWATT WITH FABIO LIONE playing Rhapsody's Land of Immortals [26/08/2000]



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