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March 20, 2k8 - Medley
San Sepolcro, Arezzo (+ ANIMA)
-- -- --
March 12, 2k8 - Norman
Boneggio, Perugia | flyer here
-- -- --
February 12, 2k8 - American Pub

August 26, 2k6 - Roccolo Festival
with Eldritch, Novembre & more S.Giustino (PG) | flyer here
-- -- --
September 16, 2k6 - RocchEGGIando
Festival, Eggi (PG) | flyer here
-- -- --
July 22, 2k6 - Spoleto Rock City
Monteluco di Spoleto (PG)
flyer here
-- -- --
July 2, 2k6 - TibeRock Festival
S.Secondo, Cittą di Castello (PG)
flyer here
-- -- --
May 12, 2k6 - "Erasmus global village"
100dieci cafč - Perugia
-- -- --
April 1, 2k6 - Free Rider Pub
Città di Castello (PG)
-- -- --
February 3, 2k6 - New Arcadia
Marsciano (PG)
-- -- --
January 13, 2k6 - La Sfinge
Gubbio (PG)
-- -- --
August 26, 2k5 - Roccolo Festival
San Giustino (PG)
with LABYRINTH & more
-- -- --
July 30, 2k5 - Music Delirium Festival
Povegliano Veronese (VR)
with SECRET SPHERE & more
-- -- --
July 5, 2k5 - Festa dell'Unità
Umbertide (PG)
-- -- --
April 22, 2k5 - Opificio
Umbertide (PG)
-- -- --
April 8, 2k5 - Rock City Garden


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+ New album & new shows :: January/2k8

Finally we can write some news about Exawatt. We spent last year closed in "Wizard studio" (with Andrea's magic hands) to write new songs. Then we recorded demos; some new titles: "Garden of the lord", "Wounds" (with our new female vocalist), "My Friend", "Liquid dream", "Stand before I crawl", "Red Sin (Dungeon Dance pt.2)", a still untitled one, a great instrumental one still untitled, a cover of a classic 70's song... And now we are ready to play live! Check out new gigs in the show section. More news soon!

Metal Maniac #12+ Interview on METAL MANIAC magazine! :: December/2k6

Exawatt is featured with an interview on the new METAL MANIAC italian magazine (December issue). Many thanks to Sandro Buti.

+ Exawatt "Old skool prog metal": new t-shirt & hooded sweat :: December/2k6

We finally add a new Exawatt t-shirt and hooded sweat with the logo/design "OLD SKOOL PROG METAL"; it's a definition taken from a review we got in the US and it sound nice, so we decide to print on the shirts! Click here to buy!

+ New mp3 song in the MUSIC page :: December/2k6

We added a new mp3 "Synapse" from TIME FRAMES cd, you can download for free. Check the MUSIC page.

+ New EXAWATT forum by UNPROGGED.COM :: December/2k6

Thanks to the guys from UNPROGGED.COM we have a new forum! Please register, write and visit the forum and the Unprogged website. Click here for the new forum.

+ Exawatt "on the air"!! :: April/2k6

Exawatt are back from a small radio session here in Italy at: Radio RCC, Radio Popolare (thanks to Matthias!), Metal Wave, Umbriaradio and more coming soon. In France you can listen us on Dark Wave, Radio Haute Angevine, Heavy Metal Generation, Infernal Waves Radio, RLB FM/Supersonique; in Belgique: Slam Hours, Dangerzone op Rock fm.

About the album: now you can also buy online at Adipocere, BTF, Nannucci, Laser's Edge. Or just here, at our site.

+ "TIME FRAMES" feedbacks :: February/2k6

First feedbacks from "Time Frames" release: good promotion in radio stations and websites in France. Next days first promo copies will be available for reviews. We are also planning a small european tour next months to promote our cd. Stay tuned...

We opened a page at Myspace 'coz we are cool people :-)
There you can listen some tracks and an emotional Time Frames medley in 3 minutes compiled by Stefano!

+ EXAWATT POLL :: February/2k6
Please vote our poll and choose your favourite song from Time Frames cd"!

+ "TIME FRAMES" finally out!! :: December/2k5

We are proud to announce that Exawatt first cd "TIME FRAMES" is finally out for the france label DEADSUN RECORDS. You can buy it directly from our site just click here.

It will also available in the following countries: France (ADIPOCERE), Germany (TWILIGHT), Austria (NSM), Finland (FIREBOX), Benelux (BERTUS), Canada & Uk (PHD), Poland (MAD LION), Greece (E-SHADOWS), Spain (UNHOLYCROSS), Australia (SONIC WAVE), Brazil (FORCE MAJEURE) and in rest of the world by HART MUSIC).

The cd will also be distributed in Italy next January/February through BTF, Italian Independent Distribution.
You can also buy the cd directly from us with your credit card using PAYPAL® system. PayPal is faster, safer and easier.
As you can see we also redesigned our website including a new smart forum where you can leave your comments and advices. Soon we'll add new pictures from shows and very special mp3 downloads.




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