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December 4, 2K4 - Contrappunto
-- -- --
December 3, 2K4 - Novecento
Tavernelle (PG)
-- -- --
August 28, 2K4 @ Roccolo Festival,
San Giustino (PG) with LINEA 77

-- -- --
October 17, 2K3 @ Transilvania,
Civitanova Marche (AN)
with Dynamic Lights
-- -- --
August 24, 2K3 @ Festa dell'Unità, Umbertide (PG)
-- -- --
July 25, 2K3 @ Piattaforma, Umbertide (PG)
-- -- --
June 9, 2K3 @ Indian's Saloon, Milan
with Dynamic Lights & PAIN OF SALVATION
-- -- --
May 1, 2K3 @ Piattaforma, Umbertide (PG),
Acoustic Session
-- -- --
April 25, 2K3@ Riverside, Marta (VT)

-- -- --
Apr 3, 2K3 @ Contrappunto, Perugia
-- -- --
Feb 28, 2K3 @ Nexus, Terni
-- -- --
Feb 8, 2K3 @ Feedback, Foligno (PG)
-- -- --
Jan 31, 2K3 @ RiverSide, Marta (VT)
-- -- --

Dec. 20, 2K2 @ Opificio,
Umbertide (Pg) "2K2" Release Party

-- -- --
Apr. 12, 2K2 @ Scuola di Musica,
Magione (Pg)
-- -- --
Mar. 20, 2K2 @ Brunch,
S. Benedetto dele Tronto (Ap)
-- -- --
Mar. 2, 2K2 @ Feedback, Foligno(Pg)
-- -- --
Feb. 23, 2k2 @ Easy Rider, Arezzo
-- -- --
Dec. 15, 2K1 @ Piattaforma
[Effetto Musica party] Umbertide(Pg)
-- -- --
Sept. 26, 2K1 @ Headbanging Contest
Indian's Saloon, Milano
-- -- --
Aug. 30, 2K1 @ 3° Metal Fest
+ DOMINE + Atemno, Umbertide (PG)
-- -- --
Aug. 20, 2K1 @ Gubbio Under Siege (+Atemno) Gubbio (PG)
-- -- --
Aug. 27, Y2K @ 2° Metal Fest
+ VISION DIVINE, Umbertide (PG)
-- -- --
Mar. 2, Y2K @ Cantiere 21



+ SUMMER FESTIVALS :: August/2k5
While we are waiting for the album release, this summer we are playing in some great festival around Italy. Here on the left you can check the gigs and following you can find some pics from Verona Music Delirium festival.

warmin up...

Exawatt merchandise

Last July 14, a special event: Stefano & Andrea played with HARMONICES MUNDI for a concert in Montone (PG) with Maestro GIAN PIERO RIVERBERI from RONDO' VENEZIANO (the man on the center):

Harmonices Mundi with Maestro Reverberi

On Tuesday, May 3 just switch your radio to Radio Torino Popolare FM 97 (Torino), FM 88.6 (Biella, Ivrea, canavese), 9-11 pm; replica next Sunday, 2,30-4,30 pm. Listen online at: and

+ PRE-RELEASE SHOWS :: March/2k5
The 1st of April show in Umbertide is postponed to April, 22 in the same place due to a very bad disease by Luca. We also added a show in Terni with death-metal combo Subliminal Crusher. Please check the shows here on the right or get the flyer here.

:: January/2k5
It's time to let you know the official "TIME FRAMES" track list, more than 70 minutes for a brilliant interception of power and melody:

1 Power of Fate
2 Heretic
3 As the Sun Sets Down
4 On the Wings
5 Odissea Veneziana (R. V. cover)
6 Dungeon Dance
7 Out of Me
8 Synapse
9 My Silver Tears
10 Sigh in Time

+ New show with LINEA77 :: July/2k4
:: Nice news: next August, 28 we'll play with LINEA77 (very nice italian post core band on Earache Records) as support at Roccolo Festival in S.Giustino (PG). See you there... we'll also play some new stuff from our forthcoming album.


Exawatt and Fabio Lione

:: Last Friday, 28 May 2K4 we had a big surprise with the coming of Fabio Lione in Umbertide to spend some hours together (we, with Mirco Pallotta and Matteo Cesarini, also run a site for him: Fabio Lione Tribute Site. A very special meet & greet at Opificio, having a beer and talking about music biz, news about Rhapsody and also news about Exawatt first cd!
A very special "GRAZIE" to Fabio, very exquisite person.
You can find a special report of the evening (in italian) at Luca Personal Blog.

Exawatt and Fabio Lione

:: A new Exawatt competition is out: connect to the RAW&WILD website and you can win 2 copies of our promo 2K2. Register for the competition here and simply wait for the gift (maybe...)!

:: During the recording session I opened my personal blog at; There you can check some updates in italian language to the Exawatt studio recording life (especially concerning vocals session and related Exawatt stuff, music playlist and more...)

DIESEL U MUSIC:: DIESEL-U-MUSIC ROCK cd compilation is finally out! It contains our track HERETIC ("2K2" promo version). You can buy the cd here or check the complete tracklist here. Diesel-U-Music represents a challenge to voice the most talented new artists' creativity. 6.000 demos submitted, a new musical trend blown up from the underground, is the result of the contest that riched its highest point during the Diesel-U-Music Awards. The collection consists of 4 single CDs of different musical styles Rock, Urban, Electro and Dance and contains the best selection of the contest winners. About the ROCK cd: 12 tracks expressing the new sounds from UK, USA, Italy, Benelux and Switzerland by Stefano Cecchi Records.

+ JANUARY UPDATES :: January/2k4
:: Out now polish magazine Heavy Metal Pages #14 with an interview about Exawatt. Articles about Iron Maiden, Seventh Angel, Exawatt, Totem, Gutter Sirens. Plus, as always, plenty of reviews.
:: Andrea Corsetti was on the NERO OPACO METAL AWARDS 2003 as Best Keyboards 2003! Thank you very much to the Nero Opaco Staff!

:: The Diesel U Music Collection release will move from October 2003 to January/February 2004. Now they have printed around 5000 copies of a promotional CD containing a selection of the Collection that will be sent to the international press officers and to those in the known, for free.

+ NEW LIVE SHOW :: September/2k3
:: One special gig confirmed with DYNAMIC LIGHTS at Transilvania in Civitanova Marche (AN) next October, 17 - 2K3. A very special night! So see you there!

+ PHOTO GALLEY UPDATED :: September/2k3
:: I updated the photo album with the famous pics from the PAIN of SALVATION PARTY last June in Milan with the guys from Spirits of the Lands fanclub, Dynamic Light and Pain of Salvation.
:: We also started the recording session in our Studio for the release of our first Exawatt studio album out in Spring 2004: stay tuned here for update and a studio report.
:: The DIESEL-U-MUSIC Rock CD compilation with the song "Heretic" will be available in the shop in October.

+ EXAWATT LIVE CHAT !! :: July/2k3
:: Next Saturday, July 19, Exawatt members will be on the SEISMIC RADIO CHAT from 2 PM to 6 PM, New York Time (8 PM to 12 PM in Italy)... Instructions to chat: go to and join the chat link on there. To listen: you will need realplayer.

+ HOT EXAWATT SUMMER !! :: July/2k3
:: After the great show with Dynamic Lights and Pain Of Salvation (ciao Guys!!) many things happened in this hot summer... let me explain...

Diesel U Music
:: "HERETIC" will be included in the DIESEL-U-MUSIC Rock Cd Compilation that will be available in Diesel Stores all around the world next September 2K3. We were classified at 2nd place in this italian rock competition after milan band Kech and so Heretic was choosen.

Radio Rai 1:: Last June, 26 there was a great airplay for Exawatt in the italian RADIO RAI 1: the great show DEMO, with Renato Marengo and Michael Pergolani that spoke very well about Exawatt works and the song "DUNGEON DANCE" was transmitted. There is a small Exawatt file, in italian, where you can vote for us.

+ EXAWATT @ PAIN of SALVATION party !! :: May/2k3
:: On Monday, June 9, 2K3, Exawatt will partecipate at the PAIN of SALVATION italian party organized by "Spirits of the Land", Pain of Salvation italian fanclub. More info at the italian site The party will be in Milano, near Bresso/Sesto S.Giovanni @ Indian's Saloon with Dinamic Lights and with special guests Pain of Salvation (that will play at Gods of Metal in Milano the day before...). See you there.

+ UPDATE :: April/2k3
:: The first "2K2" reviews are coming... please follow the links: we also get Band of the month at Nero Opaco webzine, where you can find also an interview (in italian). Here there is also a 2K2 review (many thanks to Marius the Jackal).
Click here for another 2K2 review by Antwnis Maglaras from Metal Domination E-zine.

+ New cd compilation with an EXAWATT song :: April/2k3
:: "ROCCHE!" is a new cd compilation released by EFFETTOMUSICA. It contains tracks from bands in our local area (including us). Exawatt song in this cd compilation is "Heretic". You can get the cd here, through our site.

+ UPDATE :: January/2k3
:: I updated the website with new pictures from our release party (thanks to all the friends and fans!!). And I added some pics about Exawatt friends and some old pics about our old members.
:: We finally add mp3 file from the old "Promo 2001", so now you can download all the tracks from previous work in mp3 format.

:: "2K2" is Cd of the Month (January, 2003) in the italian radio show "Terapia Rock" of Radio Emme: many thanks to Gilberto. Here's is the link of rasio show home page.

+ Official release party in Umbertide (PG) :: December/2k2
:: The first show with the new line-up and with the new cd out will be in Umbertide (PG) @ Opificio (a nice club in Umbertide, more info here). Free entry.

+ Exawatt on the website :: December/2k2
:: The Exawatt cover of Odissea Veneziana by Rondò Veneziano is also available on website, the best italian source for Rondò Veneziano. Many thanks to Matteo, site webmaster.

+ Member section updated :: December/2k2
:: Member section updated with the info about Francesco, new bass player.

+ New Exawatt cd "2k2" :: November/2k2
:: "2k2"
is the new Exawatt promo cd relesead November 25, 2002. We are sending now promos to labels//radios//mags. Click here to listen//download some new tracks in mp3 format. Click here to know more about the concept and the songs.

+ New Web Layout :: November/2k2
:: New graphic layout for
. Before the cd release, we have a new website deisgn by Luca. Please leave comments in the guestbook.

+ New Bass Player :: October/2k2
:: Francesco "Strauba" Strappaveccia
is the new bass player. Nicola Chiapperini, previous bass player, left the band after the release of "2k2" due to personal problems with the band.

+ Stefano and Andrea with the Rondò Veneziano tribute :: May/2k2
:: Stefano (drums) and Andrea (keyboards) are playing some shows in a exciting project with Harmonices Mundi, an italian chamber orchestra by Gianfranco Contadini. They'll play together some shows in italian theatres with a tribute to Rondò Veneziano:
At the begininng created as a chamber orchestra, was afterwards elaborated adding many rhytmical elements to enhance the traditional forms of the 18th century: that's how classical elements (oboe, flauto, corno, strings, piano) and modern elements (drums, bass guitar, synth) live together in the compositions.
The main characteristic of the group is the originality and exclusiveness of its repertoire: sometimes they have performed music by Beethoven, Vivaldi, Mozart and Bach but the group usually performs original compositions by Gian Piero Reverberi (the main composer, arranger and producer) and the members always wear original costumes and wigs from the 18th century when on stage.
One after the other the albums recorded by Rondò Veneziano were certified gold and platinum in many different European countries, selling more than 25 millions copies.



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