Promotional photos

Pain of Salvation party [Milan, 9/6/2003]

Pictures from 2K2 promo shows

"2K2" release party
Live at Opificio [Umbertide (PG) 2002]

Live at Brunch [S. Benedetto
del Tronto (AP) 2002]

Live at Feedback, Foligno (PG) 2002

On stage with DOMINE [Umbertide, 30/08/2001]

Studio sessions for the Promo 2001 recordings [May/June 2001]

Exawatt with Fabio Lione, 26/08/2000 [playing Rhapsody's Land of Immortals]

Live at Red Horse, Perugia [February 2000]

Friends and other stuff
(not so much serious)


Daniele Palloni
play :: guitar
likes :: Ozzy
listen :: Rainbow, Black Sabbath, Black Label Society, Pride and Glory, Deep Purple
loves :: Yngwie, Zakk, Ritchie, Brian, Randy, Eddy
fav solo :: "Mr Crowley" Randy Rhoads
Luca Benni
play :: vocals
likes :: italian food, playing retrogames, reading sci-fi literature
listen :: old Helloween, Kamelot, Dream Theater, Queensryche, Ivhanoe, Conception, Ark, Royal Hunt, Artension
now playing:: Royal Hunt "The Mission", Andromeda 1 & 2
hates :: nobody
Stefano Coletti
play :: drums
likes :: films
listen :: all prog metal and drumcentric music
loves :: playing on a stage
hates :: the end of a concert
Andrea Corsetti
play :: keyboards & samples
likes :: diving, animals
listen :: dream theater, m.petrucciani, b.evans, g.gould, sting
loves :: pasta, bistecche, salsiccie, and of course pizza
Francesco Strappaveccia
play :: bass
likes :: music, reading, sport, cigarettes, "la birra del pallo", technology
listen :: dream theater, symphony x, stratovarius, angra, cradle of filth, chuck shouldiner's death and control denied, cynic, dark tranquillity, nightwish, p.o.salvation, victor wooten, steve bailey, jaco, classical music (mozart, beethoven, chopin, vivaldi), rhapsody, fates warning
loves :: my family (sergio, m.cristina, chiara giacomo agnese) my grand parents, all my friends, Exawatt, my bass, j.r.r.tolkien, m.morrcock, videogames (quake 3 arena, resident evil 1,2,3), the full moon, neon genesis evangelion, hideaki hanno
hates :: stupidity, obtuseness, hypocrisy, i dentisti, le discoteche, il reggae, lo ska, il punk


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